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“Rocket Line” 24-Strand Braided Polyester 7/16″

New “Rocket Line™” 24-Strand Braided Polyester “Rocket Line™” is a 7/16″ or 11.5mm 24-Strand Polyester Cover, a 16-Strand Polyester Core

25L Pro Lift Bag with pockets SKYLOTEC

Skylotec ACS-0134 Lift Bag with pockets and compartment. Climbing Equipment Gear  

3″ Double Aluminum Prusik Minding Pulley “PMP”

The 3″ PMP ” Prusik Minding Pulley” is the largest of three sizes of SMC PMP’s and therefore handle the

3″ Single Aluminum Prusik Minding Pulley “PMP”

The 3" PMP is the largest of three sizes of SMC Prusik Minding Pulleys and therefore handle the largest loads and toughest tasks. PMP’s feature a wide base design that maximizes the effectiveness of a Prusik hitch and are most often used as an integral piece of equipment in progress capture and hauling systems.

40L Pro Lift Bag Pro 4K SKYLOTEC

Skylotec ACS-0133  Tool Bag Pro Lift 4K (Wind Energy / Offshore Industry). Climbing Gear Equipment.  

4RIG plate

Rigging plater with 4 holes, 20mm diameter, designed to organize a tidy workplace and to create an easy system of multiple anchor points. The upper hole allows to fit two carabiners at the same time.

5 DUO Z1 charging rack


EUR/US/UK compatible charging rack allows simultaneous charging of up to five ACCU 2 DUO Z1 rechargeable batteries.

5K Wire Rope Sling ANSI Rope Access Rigging CLIMBTECH

ClimbTech wire rope slings are excellent temporary and semi permanent ANSI certified anchors. They are available in 3 and 6 foot lengths with various terminations for versatility on the job or in a rescue kit.

Professional Climbing Equipment


Monarch Rope provides equipment and gear for all of your professional climbing needs. Behind our products are real people with real “work-at-height” experience. The business was formed with you, the consumer, in mind as our first priority. We know first hand the importance of quality “work-at-height” Equipment. We strive to provide the most up to date equipment to both keep up with evlolving safety standards and work effeciency. Monarch Rope stands behind the products we sell, and aims to provide exceptional customer service for all orders big or small. Your business is important to us.