• antiSHOCK Tool Lanyard

    antiSHOCK Tool Lanyard

    The antiSHOCK Tool Lanyard is an innovation for arborists developed by TEUFELBERGER. It is a versatile lanyard for various tree care tools. What makes this lanyard for tools so special is how it absorbs forces. In the event that more than 220 – 240...

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  • CARITOOL Tool Holder CARITOOL Tool Holder

    CARITOOL Tool Holder

    Description Design allows one-handed selection and return of tools Slips in through the harness straps and stays in place, thanks to its stabilizing clip Hole on top for attaching a tether to tools Upper part designed for grouping and organizing...

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  • Catch for Pantin Catch for Pantin

    Catch for Pantin

    Description Installed directly on the PANTIN to keep the rope in the device during rope ascents Available for PANTIN in right- and left-foot versions Specifications Material(s): nylon, stainless steel Weight: 25 g

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  • Cordage Bench Meter (Metric)

    Cordage Bench Meter (Metric)

    Designed for convenience, this cordage measurer accommodates ropes and cordage from 6 to 20 mm in diameter. With visible and accessible cordage during its travel, this measurer features a toothed measuring wheel and a stainless steel pressure shoe,...

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  • Retrieval Cone Retrieval Cone


    Retrieval Cone

    Conical leading edge guides cone through anchor components reliably and with little resistance, then locates in retrieval element. Max diameter tailored to a selection of common tree care anchor components/assemblies. High performance polymer –...

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    Description Smooth/serrated combo blade easily cuts ropes and cordage Hole for attaching the knife to the harness with a CARITOOL tool holder or a carabiner Notch in the blade for opening the knife with bare hands Textured wheel for opening the blade...

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  • Tool Leash Black

    Tool Leash Black

    Elastic lanyard for attaching work tools such as a hammer, screwdriver, camera, etc.Equipped with a mini connector for the tool and an adjustable loop to connect it to the harness.Not for human support. Weight: 40g Technical documents GENERATE...

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