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4RIG plate

Rigging plater with 4 holes, 20mm diameter, designed to organize a tidy workplace and to create an easy system of multiple anchor points. The upper hole allows to fit two carabiners at the same time.

Aro Bull hd loop sling


Anchorage Device

Heavy load double layer textile anchor sling . It is produced in different lengths and it is perfect for high resistence anchoring. It is made in different colors based on the length. The stress indicator allows an immediate inspection of the product.

Aro Sling Tubular

Polyamide sling perfect to make a stopover or to extend an anchor point. The product is supplied in different colors to suit lengths.


ANSI certified version of the well known Back-Up fall arrester. Safe and simple to use with only one hand! BACK-UP is the revolutionary KONG fall arrester that follow the operator in both directions and stop the possible falling. Shifting the special button on the lock mode, it can be used also as a positioning device or a normal locking device. Due to its special manufacture, BACK-UP supports also the strongest stress in semi dynamic way avoiding  the shocking effects on the ropes caused by the traditional self-locking devices with toothed cams. Connector included.

BASEL etrier stirrup

Textile stirrup composed of four steps, designed to help during progression and rope and to facilitate technical passages in work at height.

Cam Clean Chest Rope Clamp

Chest rope clamp specifically conceived for climbing, caving, rescue, work on height, canyoning. All the components are part of the latest generation of Kong blockers. Excellent ability to block out particularly on muddy and icy ropes thanks to the holes on the cam.

Dancer Swivel

Aluminum swivel, prevents ropes from twisting during the suspension of a load. Ideal for heavy loads. Fluid movement through ball bearing. High tensile strength, 42 kN! Certification: CE EN 354

DISCORIG rigging plate

Plate for multiple connections, allows simultaneous connection up to 6 users.


Aluminum pulley for evacuation from the cableways with double nylon pulley and sliding bearing (bushing). Equipped with locking lever for maximum security once positioned on the cable. Quality product, made in Italy!

Duck Rope Clamp

Duck, the innovative emergency rope clamp. Conceived for single ropes with a diameter between 8 and 13 mm, Duck is the first and only clamp that also works on flat and tubular slings from 10 to 15 mm width (even if these are not certified for progression).


Wide waist belt with high cut for maximum support of the lumbar Comfortable padding on the leg loops, for maximum comfort in prolonged use


With an innovative approach that characterizes KONG comes the Frog, a revolutionary directional connector with an automatic clamping action that engages when it touches the anchor point.