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1/2″ Modified “D” Aluminum Carabiners OMEGA

SG Weight: 108 grams Strength: 30kN TL Weight: 111 grams Strength: 30kN 3AL Weight: 113 grams Strength: 30kN Aircraft-quality 7000-series aluminum True radii rope bearing surfaces NFPAUL Classified L

1/2″ Modified “D” Steel Carabiners OMEGA

Weight: 210 grams Strength: 65kN 1/2" steel bar stock Zinc chromate plated to increase corrosion resistance Exceeds NFPA strength requirements

1/2″ Standard “D” Steel Carabiners Omega

Weight: 283 grams|Strength: 72kN |1/2" steel bar stock|Plated to increase corrosion resistance|NFPA UL Classified G

7/16″ Modified “D” Steel Carabiner Omega

The Modified D is a great handling carabiner for general use. Heat treated and plated to increase corrosion resistance, this

Aluminum “D” NFPA Carabiners OMEGA

Weight: 74 grams Strength: 27kN NFPA UL Classified L

G-FIRST Aluminum Carabiner Omega

Weight: 130 grams|Strength: 40kN|NFPA UL Classified G

Omega 7/16″ Modified “D” Steel Keylock Carabiner

The great handling Modified D carabiner for general use is now available with a KEYLOCK nose. Same great heat treatment and plating

Tactical Oval Carabiner OMEGA

Weight: 65 grams 71 grams Strength: 22kN