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Actik Core 450 Lumens


Rechargeable, compact multi-beam headlamp with red lighting, designed for outdoor activities. 450 lumens

The rechargeable ACTIK CORE headlamp offers 450 lumens of power, which, along with its multi-beam design, makes it ideal for dynamic outdoor activities like mountaineering, running, hiking and backpacking. Red lighting preserves night vision and prevents members of a group from blinding each other. The reflective headband provides night visibility. ACTIK CORE comes with the CORE rechargeable battery and is also compatible with three AAA/LR03 batteries (not included), thanks to the HYBRID CONCEPT design. Mounting accessories allow the lamp to be attached to any kind of helmet, or to a bicycle.

ANNEAU sling

Open loop sling available in four lengths, color coded for easy identification of length.

Aro Bull hd loop sling


Anchorage Device

Heavy load double layer textile anchor sling . It is produced in different lengths and it is perfect for high resistence anchoring. It is made in different colors based on the length. The stress indicator allows an immediate inspection of the product.

Aro Sling Tubular

Polyamide sling perfect to make a stopover or to extend an anchor point. The product is supplied in different colors to suit lengths.

AXIS 11mm low-stretch rope


Low stretch kernmantel rope with good handling for work at height

The AXIS 11 mm low stretch kernmantel rope is designed for work at height. The standard diameter ensures a good grip for easier handling. The EverFlex construction guarantees great flexibility and consistent performance over time. Rope available in six colors and four lengths.

Bolt Rigging Plate Large Rigplate by Rock Exotica



Rock Exotica rig plates are made from oversized material so that all surfaces are machined, even the faces, for flatness, surface defect removal and precise dimensions.

BUCKET Fabric pack Petzl

Simple and durable, the BUCKET bag allows the user to store a rope and any associated gear. It remains upright and keeps its shape, even when empty, for easy access to the contents of the bag. It is available in two colors and two versions: 25 and 35 liters.

Husky 3-Strand twisted Polyester Rigging Line

1/2", 5/8" & 3/4" 3-Strand Twisted 100% Polyester. High strength and firm round construction. Excellent Arborist Rigging Line. Husky Urethane coated for durability. Great for natural crotch rigging and tree/limb removal.

Husky Bull Rope Dead Eye Sling

Husky Bull Rope Dead Eye Slings provide the best in abrasion resistance, break strength and energy absorption. The Bull Rope Eye Sling has a Cordura Nylon Outer Jacket at the Eye for Extended Life. A complete Polyester Jacket and a Nylon Inner Core to exceed the break strength of Double Braid Polyester. Premium Husky Urethane Coating is applied to provide excellent resistance to chemicals, sunlight and abrasion.

I’D L ANSI NFPA descender

The I’D L self-braking descender is primarily designed for technical rescue. It has an ergonomic handle that allows
comfortable descent control. The integrated anti-panic function and anti-error catch limit the risk of an accident due to user
error. The AUTO-LOCK system allows users to position themselves without having to manipulate the handle or tie off the
device. Once locked, the rope can be taken up without having to manipulate the handle. The safety gate allows the rope
to be installed with the device remaining connected to the harness. I'D L is compatible with 12.5 to 13 mm ropes and
allows handling of loads up to 280 kg.

Micro Single Aluminum Prusik Minding Pulley “PMP”

The wide base design maximizes the effectiveness of a Prusik hitch while a unique side plate formation allows the use of larger ropes in a compact pulley.