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AIRLINE throw-line

The AIRLINE throw-line offers an excellent compromise between flexibility and rigidity, for an accurate throw without the formation of knots as it comes out of the bag. The excellent sheath-core bond maintains a round cross-section, ensuring good rope glide through the tree. It is available in two versions: 60 and 300 meters.


The Akimbo is a versatile mid-line attachable friction device that allows climbers to ascend and descend a stationary or moving rope system without changing equipment, and without detaching from your saddle. Adjustable settings allow for optimal performance with a range of climber weights and rope diameters.

ASCENTREE Double Handed Ascender PETZL

The Petzl Double Handled Ascentree Rope Clamp. Handled rope clamp designed for doubled rope ascents, the ASCENTREE has ergonomic handles allowing a comfortable and powerful grip when pulling. Catch/cam unit is totally integrated to prevent any involuntary snagging .Designed for ascending doubled ropes using the foot-lock technique or using two PANTIN foot ascenders.  

Attachment bridge for SEQUOIA and SEQUOIA SRT harnesses

Attachment bridge for connection to the two gated attachment points of the SEQUOIA and SEQUOIA SRT arborist seat harnesses, to optimize lateral mobility.

Bull’s Eye Slick Throw Line Neon Green Polyethylene with White HMPE

All Gear's HMPE Polyethylene Throw Line is made to be extremely slick and strong. Bulls Eye has a striped pattern for visibility braided with HMPE to give you the strength you need.

Cherry Bomb™ 24-Strand Braided Rope Arborist Tree Care Climbing Line All Gear


"Cherry Bomb™" 24-Strand Braided Polyester

"Cherry Bomb™" is a 7/16" or 11.5mm 24-Strand Polyester Cover, a 16-Strand Polyester Core and a Cabled and Twisted Center Core. An Arborist Line with the Neon Orange and Bright Red! Quality engineering and construction are guaranteed by premium fibers and excellent quality control. The "Cherry Bomb™" provides you with the ability to increase safety and a good firm construction keeps the line round for high performance. Available in 120', 150', 600' & 1,200'.

CHICANE braking device

he CHICANE auxiliary braking device allows ZIGZAG and ZIGZAG PLUS mechanical Prusiks to be used on single
ropes. It provides continuous additional friction on descents. The excellent compatibility of the CHICANE and mechanical
Prusik as an assembled unit ensures smooth rope glide through the brake during ascents. The ergonomic handle provides
excellent grip and facilitates movement while limb walking. Thanks to the openable side plate, installation is quick and

Double Braid Adjustable Lanyard” 3′-6′ & 4′-8′

Double Braid Adjustable Lanyard is "Husky Coated "to avoid abrasion.  Premium "Husky Coating" is not applied to help the Prusik Knot hold" "Double Braid Adjustable Lanyard"

ECLIPSE throw-line storage


ECLIPSE provides easy storage for AIRLINE throw-lines and JET throw-bags. The double bottom allows two throw-lines to be stored separately. Once folded into the small bag, it all fits perfectly into the BUCKET pack.

enForcer Rigging Anchor Load Cell with Bluetooth App by Rock Exotica

The Enforcer is a compact aluminum load cell that measures force up to 20 kN. Utilizing two sampling modes, the Enforcer is able to monitor systems and log drop testing in high resolution. Unique features like Bluetooth connectivity and swivel attachment points separate the Enforcer into a class of its

EZ Adjustable Lanyard 24-Strand 7/16″ “Prusik Sold Separately”

EZ Adjustable Safety Lanyard™ 24-Strand Braided Polyester Lanyard 7/16″ “EZ Adjustable Safety Lanyard” is a 24-Strand Polyester Climbing Line with

Forestry Pro 1/2″ 12.7mm 12-Strand Rope Arborist Tree Care Climbing / Rigging Line All Gear


"Forestry Pro™"12-Strand Braided Polyester

12-Strand Polyester Arborist Tree Climbing / Rigging Line manufactured to please the most aggressive traditional climber. The  "Forestry Pro™" was originally manufactured exclusively for the Canadian Logging Industry. A firm 100% premium polyester construction keeps the line round for high performance. Special colors are available in 1,200 ft.+ quantities. Available in 1/2" Diameter, and 120', 150', 200', 600' and + lengths.   Sewn Termination ends now Available for 120′, 150′and 200'!