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Extendable Safety Lanyard™ 1/2″ 16-Strand “Prussik Sold Separately” All Gear

Extendable Safety Lanyard™ 16-Strand Braided Polyester Lanyard “Extendable Safety Lanyard” is a 1/2″ 16-Strand Polyester Line with Two Sewn Eyes

EZ Adjustable Lanyard 24-Strand 7/16″ “Prusik Sold Separately”

EZ Adjustable Safety Lanyard™ 24-Strand Braided Polyester Lanyard 7/16″ “EZ Adjustable Safety Lanyard” is a 24-Strand Polyester Climbing Line with

EZ Adjustable Safety Lanyard™ 7/16″ 32-Strand “Prusik Sold Separately” All Gear

EZ Adjustable Safety Lanyard™ 32-Strand Braided Polyester Lanyard “EZ Adjustable Safety Lanyard” is a 32-Strand Polyester Climbing Line with an

Friction 8 and 10™ Prusik Double Braid Polyester and Technora over Vectran All Gear

“Friction 8 and 10™” 26″, 32″ and 250′ Double Braid Polyester and Technora over Vectran “Friction 8 and 10 ™”

Husky Coated 2 in 1 Continuous Connection Adjustable Lanyard All Gear

2 in 1 Continuous Connection Lanyards Everything Included: “Husky” Coated- 2 Steel Dbl Locking Snap Hooks & Silver Prusik with

VOLCANO Arimid Sewn Prusik Lanyard 10MMX70CM BEAL

BEAL VOLCANO PRUSIK | Short lengths of rope with sewn terminations for constructing self-locking (prusik) loops. These ropes have a 50 % Aramid construction intermixed with polyester filaments. Prusiks made from classic ropes have a very short life, because they glaze in use due to the effect of friction. The presence of 50% of highly thermally resistant Aramid fibers in Volcano protect it against melting and thus greatly increases its lifetime. Use: self-locking loop knots for tree and high angle work.