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4RIG plate

Rigging plater with 4 holes, 20mm diameter, designed to organize a tidy workplace and to create an easy system of multiple anchor points. The upper hole allows to fit two carabiners at the same time.

6″x4″x1/4″ Steel Back Anchor Plate Bolt Not Included CLIMBTECH

The Swivel Anchor Back Plate can be installed on concrete and steel structures with a variety of installation kits available to suit your application.

Anchor Weld Puck Kit for Mega Swivel 10K Hardware Included CLIMBTECH

Includes: Puck w/ 5/8-11 Spiralock® thread & 5/8-11 x 1.75" G8 HH Bolt • Compliance: ANSI Z359.7 & CE-EN 795

Bolt Rigging Plate Large Rigplate by Rock Exotica



Rock Exotica rig plates are made from oversized material so that all surfaces are machined, even the faces, for flatness, surface defect removal and precise dimensions.

Dancer Swivel

Aluminum swivel, prevents ropes from twisting during the suspension of a load. Ideal for heavy loads. Fluid movement through ball bearing. High tensile strength, 42 kN! Certification: CE EN 354

DISCORIG rigging plate

Plate for multiple connections, allows simultaneous connection up to 6 users.

enForcer Load Cell Kit (NFPA General Use)

DIMENSIONS 8 X 2 X 1.5 IN (203 X 51 X 38 MM)
3 SIGMA MBS 50 KN (11,240 LBF)

enForcer Rigging Anchor Load Cell with Bluetooth App by Rock Exotica

The Enforcer is a compact aluminum load cell that measures force up to 20 kN. Utilizing two sampling modes, the Enforcer is able to monitor systems and log drop testing in high resolution. Unique features like Bluetooth connectivity and swivel attachment points separate the Enforcer into a class of its

Mega Swivel Hybrid Anchor 1″ 100% retrievable Rope Access CLIMBTECH

The SWH100Y is a Friction Bolt anchor designed to function as an interface between the anchorage and a fall protection, work positioning, rope access, or rescue system.

Micro Swivel Anchor PETZL

Compact openable swivel designed for attachment to a locking carabiner, to avoid twisting of lanyards and to allow correct positioning of devices. Its design without bearings allows it to turn freely when not loaded and to stop moving when loaded in order to maintain the devices in position.

Nano Swivel Rigging Anchor by Rock Exotica



Rock Exotica made the first high-quality swivels back in 1987 with high-efficiency bearings and machined bodies. Today, we offer the broadest range of technical swivels available. Looking for the SwivaBiner or SwivaEye? Click here: SwivaBiner Page

NFPA Swivel

The SMC Swivel is a piece of high performance gear with silky smooth action and a beautiful finish and feel - its exceptional quality is immediately apparent once you pick it up...we’ve seen that most people won't put it down once they have it in their hands!