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Blade Replacement for Rope and Webbing Cutter

The replaces the hot knife on your rope and webbing cutter.

enForcer Rigging Anchor Load Cell with Bluetooth App by Rock Exotica

The Enforcer is a compact aluminum load cell that measures force up to 20 kN. Utilizing two sampling modes, the Enforcer is able to monitor systems and log drop testing in high resolution. Unique features like Bluetooth connectivity and swivel attachment points separate the Enforcer into a class of its

ROLL MODULE edge roller


ROLL MODULE is an articulated protector with rollers designed to guide a moving rope and protect it from abrasion. It offers the possibility of adapting the number of modules to the terrain and of minimizing abrasion.

Rope and Webbing Cutter

Same old relliable rope and webbing cutter. This fast and efficient unit has a hot blade which cleanly cuts through rope and webbing in seconds.  Plugs into a standard 120 V outlet. Replacements Blades available.

Rope Cleaning Scrub Brush BEAL

BEAL ROPE BRUSH | A brush specifically created to clean ropes. Adapts easily to different diameters. Twist the brush onto the rope then run the rope through the brush while holding it firmly under water.