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Arbor Counterweight Kit

Custom sized sandbags fit the inside of the Butterfly lift case for ease of adjusting to the weight of the performer.

Butterfly Base Ballast Kit

The base ballast kit includes six heavy duty PVC bags capable of holding 40-80 lb bags of concrete. Large handles sewn into loops of webbing that encircle the bag assist in moving the large weight when needed. Kit produces up to 480 LBS of weight on the base of the Butterfly Lift.

Butterfly Lift System

The unique counter-weight arbor system contained within the Butterfly Lift case is fully adjustable to match the weight of the performer(s).  In additional to the offset provided by the counterweight, a 2:1 mechanical advantage is also achieved by the system. *Before Purchasing, A Liability Wavier Must be completed, See in description *  

Wire Rope Payload Kit

The Wire Rope Payload Kit allows for the connection of a wire rope payload line to the Butterfly Lift.