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  • CMC CLUTCH Descender CMC CLUTCH Descender

    CMC CLUTCH Descender

    Introducing the all-new CLUTCH, the latest evolution in rescue and rope access hardware that enables the technical rope professional to do more with less. Suited to a multitude of rigging operations, the CLUTCH delivers efficient operation, ease of use,...

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  • DUO RL 2800 Lumens DUO RL 2800 Lumens

    DUO RL 2800 Lumens

    Designed for technical rescue and worksites, the DUO RL rechargeable headlamp provides 2800-lumen brightness. Using REACTIVE LIGHTING® technology, a sensor analyzes the ambient light and automatically adjusts brightness to your needs. Manual...

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  • Impact Block Impact Block


    Impact Block

    Our strongest ever product! Designed for use in any industry where loads may be dropped onto rigging with considerable impact forces. The combination of high quality materials and advanced production processes has ensured a rope friendly, durable, robust...

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  • Jag Rescue Kit Jag Rescue Kit

    Jag Rescue Kit

    Description Designed to easily pick off and lower a victim:- pick-off with the JAG SYSTEM haul kit, whose 4:1 mechanical advantage and excellent sheave efficiency allow the user effort to be divided by 4 when raising a victim in order to release him-...

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  • Keanu Trolley Keanu Trolley


    Keanu Trolley

    Compact trolley for highline rigging and rescue operations. If precision, speed and efficiency are important in your reeve, then the Keanu is your answer. By incorporating multiple sheaves within fixed side plates, not only have we ensured that you...

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  • MPD (Multi-Purpose Device) MPD (Multi-Purpose Device)

    MPD (Multi-Purpose Device)

    The MPD allows you to go from lowering to raising without changing hardware. More than nine years of research and development went into the patented Multi-Purpose Device (MPD), which features major innovations in advanced technical hardware for rope...

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