• Captain Hook Captain Hook


    Captain Hook

    An innovative tool catering for modern work at height techniques. Carefully designed to aid stability and positioning during technical jobs. The Captain is a self-locating, high strength hook that has been designed and tested with the trademark attention...

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  • Eashook Open Eashook Open

    Eashook Open

    Description Designed for use at the ends of ABSORBICA-Y, PROGRESS or PROGRESS ADJUST-type double lanyards and the GRILLON-type work positioning lanyard Removable connector:- gated connection point allows for direct attachment of the connector to the...

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  • MGO Open MGO Open

    MGO Open

    Description Designed for connection to metal structures or to large-diameter cables and bars Gated connection point allows the MGO OPEN to be directly installed at the end of ABSORBICA-I, ABSORBICA-Y, JANE, PROGRESS or PROGRESS ADJUST-type double...

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