Rope Access Kits

Work Safety at Extreme Heights

The friendly and knowledgeable experts at Monarch Rope can help you design customized kits for your staff members who work at high elevations to perform their regular duties. These kits are also ideal for climbers who want a comprehensive set of tools and equipment created to their specifications. Our extensive inventory of top-quality climbing equipment allows for greater customization of your kit. Approved safety equipment is required under regulations established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for high-elevation working environments. Designing a customized rope access equipment kit can ensure the highest degree of protection against falls and injuries in these areas.

Types of Rope Access Kits

At Monarch Rope, we offer solutions for a wide range of Houston industrial and commercial enterprises. Our rope access consultation team can provide you with expert guidance on creating your own customized kit to protect your staff members in their normal working environments:

  • Tower and Wind Turbine climbing kits
  • Fall protection and restraint kits for roofers and construction workers
  • Rope access kits
  • Arena Rigger Kits
  • Kits designed for arborists and tree care workers
  • Rescue Kits