Rigging + Anchors

The right connections are critical to success in the business world. This is equally true for workers who perform their duties at high elevations; maintaining a solid connection between worker and anchorage point is essential to ensure safety. At Monarch Rope, we offer an extensive selection of Work at Height equipment designed to suit the needs of all businesses where a risk of a fall exists.

  • Removable Bolt Anchors and I-Beam Clamps
  • Adjustable Lanyards
  • Rope End Termination Plates
  • Safety slings, anchor straps and lanyard connectors
  • Carbon-steel and Aluminum carabiners in a range of configurations
  • Tree Care Arborist Slings and Pulleys
  • Tripods
  • Hauling Rigs and Kits
  • Roller Slings
  • Coated Slings
  • Fall-arrest Lanyards, and Rigging to provide added protection for workers during the performance of their jobs

Our inventory of top quality work at height items can provide added safety for staff members working in industrial and commercial environments at the same time improving efficiency of work.