Professional Gear

The Safety Equipment You Need

Monarch Rope carries an extensive selection of rope access equipment designed to provide cost-effective safety and mobility for staff members working at heights. Helmets, harnesses, anchors and rigging equipment are among the most popular items in our inventory. We also offer fall arrest and restraint equipment designed to protect workers in elevated areas.

By working with our expert team, your company can ensure that workers are protected and that your company stays on the right side of regulatory agencies. This can provide real protection against fines, unexpected shutdowns and injuries to staff members during the course of their regular duties.

At Monarch Rope, we offer the most comprehensive selection of rope access equipment in the Houston area. Our highly trained team of access experts can provide you with the right guidance and the most effective solutions for your specific needs. The Monarch Rope team can help you protect your workers against accidents and injuries while helping you stay in compliance with safety regulations, ensuring greater peace of mind for you and your employees in the workplace environment.