MaxiCroc Intelligent Gripper Hook System Kit Evenhook


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Product Description

The patented first intelligent gripper hook system Maxicroc allows you to quickly and easily snap a rope around a remote object to grasp and secure it. Maxicroc is indispensable for professionals and amateurs who want to improve performance in their day-to-day lives. This gripper hook system, which has already been used by numerous specialists, has proven its high efficiency through numerous applications in various situations.


  • Fire brigade – to safely climb to a destination
  • Rescue jobs – to reach an object or a person
  • Electricity electrician – to climb masts or reach a roof rack
  • Police force – to secure a point of attachment, to climb a facade or a balcony
  • Woodcutter – to climb into a tree, reach a treetop and direct his fall
  • Chimney sweep – to safely climb to a roof
  • Shipping – to anchor on a buoy or an anchorage
  • Climber – to reach a climbing or carabiner hook

Maxicroc has been designed for use on any terrain:

  • 3 hook widths, adapted to a maximum of configurations
  • Robust and lightweight material guarantees resistance and ease of use
  • Practical case for easy transport (weight: approx. 7 kg. Pack size: 81x51x4 cm)

The Maxicroc kit consists of;

  • 1 transport case
  • 3 antistatic grip hooks made of ultralight aluminum
  • Width of the grab hook: 5 cm / 12 cm / 25 cm

As option:

  • 1 Adaptor to use with Wolf-Garten ZMV4 87-157″ length (Can use 2 poles together for double length) Buy Here
  • Available in Wooden Case
  • Available is Cardboard Case
Available Downloads:

Additional Information

Weight lbs
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Cardboard Box Set, Regular Box, Wolf Garten Pole ZMV4 Adapter, Wood Box, Wooden Box Set