Rockstar 3-D Rigging Plate Rigplate by Rock Exotica



Rock Exotica rig plates are made from oversized material so that all surfaces
are machined, even the faces, for flatness, surface defect removal
and precise dimensions.

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Rock Exotica

Product Description


The rockStar gives rigging professionals a variety of advantages over flat rigplates. Now professionals have the ability to connect multiple lines from several dimensions to create a floating anchor that before the release of our first 3D rigplate, was cumbersome and complex.

Part#: RP22
Weight: 7.4 oz (470gm)
Breaking Strength: 36 kN
Width: 3.0” (75 mm)
Height: 3.7” (93 mm)
Depth: 2.6” (65 mm)
Certification: CE, NFPA “G”

rockStar Specsheet (PDF)
Comparative Size & Specs Table
RigPlates Tech Notice (.pdf)

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