Blue Craze II 11.8mm 24-Strand Braided Polyester


Blue Craze II is 11.8mm 24-Strand Polyester Cover, a 16-Strand Polyester Core and a Cabled and Twisted Center Core. An Arborist Line with the Bright Blue and Neon Green with a Silver Tracer. Quality engineering and construction are guaranteed by premium fibers and excellent quality control. The Blue Craze II provides you with the ability to increase safety and a good firm construction keeps the line round for high performance. Available in 120′, 150′, 200′, 600′ & 1,200′.

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All Gear

Product Description

Key Benefits:

  • Bright Blue & Neon Green with Grey Tracer
  • Neon Orange Center Core Cabled and Twisted for Consistent Firmness
  • Excellent for SRT and DRT Climbing
  • Non Rotating
  • Torque Free
SKU Size Avg. Break Package Weight Color
AG24SP118-120BGG 11.8mm x 120′ 7,000 lbs Poly Bag 10 lbs Blue & Green with Grey Tracer
AG24SP118-150BGG 11.8mm x 150′ 7,000 lbs Poly Bag 12.5 lbs Blue & Green with Grey Tracer
AG24SP118-200BGG 11.8mm x 200′ 7,000 lbs Poly Bag 16.6 lbs Blue & Green with Grey Tracer
AG24SP118-600BGG 11.8mm x 600′ 7,000 lbs Reel 50 lbs Blue & Green with Grey Tracer


  • Material: Polyester over Polyester
  • Elongation: 4.9% at 30%
  • Specific Gravity: 1.2
  • Weight at 150′: 9.15 lbs

Additional Information


11.8mm x 120’, 11.8mm x 150’, 11.8mm x 200’, 11.8mm x 600’