Endeez – Small – Green & Pewter


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Product Description

The Endeez rope end-icator was designed to aid climbers with a quick physical means of identifying their rope ends as they are rappelling, belaying, climbing or handling rope.

Simply insert and thread the Endeez on your rope ends and secure them as directed.

Ideal for use as a back-up knot while climbing, providing quick identification of rope ends or as a physical marker while working on or with rope the Endeez provide users with exceptional performance in the simplest form as a physical link between the rope and the climber.

In some limited cases Endeez may stop the movement of rope through a device or knot, but that feature can not be construed as a means of catching a fall or as fall protection.


  • Size: Small – 7.5mm to 9.2mm Rope
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Green and Pewter Anodize
  • Length:
  • Outside Diameter
  • Manufactured: Ferndale, WA USA