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Akimbo tree care ascender

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Product Overview

The Akimbo is a unique arborist climbing tool that enables the climber to ascend, descend and position on both stationary rope and moving rope systems. The Akimbo features rope contact surfaces (Upper and Lower Bollards) that adjust to accommodate a wide range of rope sizes to suit the climber's needs or preferences—all without tools or disassembling components. The Bollards can also be adjusted to increase or decrease friction to accommodate changes in climber weight, changes in environment, or adjust for natural wear of the Akimbo's contact surfaces.

  • Opens easily to install/remove rope mid-line, without detaching from harness
  • Accepts wide range of rope sizes (See list of approved ropes)
  • Friction adjusts easily without tools.
  • Suitable for both SRS and MRS climbing methods.
  • SRS chest attachment wire gate provides quick connect/disconnect for cord or small carabiner
  • Ascend, descend and position in the canopy without changing equipment.

Rope Sizes: 11.5mm - 13mm
WLL (Working Load Limit): 100kg or 130kg (220lb or 286lb)
Weight: 9.2oz (261gm)
Certification: CE

Approved Ropes (.pdf)
User Instructions (.pdf)
EU Declaration of Conformity (.pdf)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review